By Dunc & Doors


Ama is a mod of Cave Story started in 2012 by Doors, and is currently in development. Soon after its creation, Dunc2403 joined in development and became co-owner of the mod.
The mod consists of a protagonist in purple dress, guided by her would-be ally to discover the dark truth of the past and unlock her own past, which may or may not overlap.


In charge of programming and art
Has been modding Cave Story since early 2011, and aims to become a successful programmer/artist. He intends to work on more ambitious projects (perhaps with Dunc) after Ama's completion.


In charge of story and music
For some reason this loser ended up making this mod with Doors circa 2013 before it was abandoned the second time. Around the fall of 2014, he convinced Doors to take up the mod again, and they've been working on it together since. He makes pretty sounds (he hopes) and pretty words (he prays). He intends to make better, cooler things (probably with Doors) after Ama's completion.